Marvel’s Agents of Shield

So, the TV show Marvel’s Agents of Shield just finished season 5, I think. I don’t really know what season that was because they did a lot of them. But from the looks of the ending in the last episode, which is called “The End” by the way, It looks like marvel is done with […]

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That’s A Bad Virus!

So far, during the last couple of days, me and all of my family have had some kind of virus that is going around here. And trust me, it’s bad. It’s so bad, that I had to stay away from school for 2 days! I missed so much stuff! And I had so much stuff […]

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PCs’ I think

so, yesterday, a person came into the classroom and talked to Mr. Owens about how, we are finally going to get all the PCs’ that he ordered almost a year ago. I cant wait because that means that we can start editing professionally. which should be great. we dont have the PCs’ yet, but we […]

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Avengers, Infinity War

The movie Avengers Infinity War is one of the best movies ever. For one thing, it is a cliffhanger at the end that is done so spectacularly. I saw it once and right now, can’t wait to see it again. I want to see the sequel so very much now that I have seen the […]

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Minecraft? Nah. I play Fortnite!

when Minecraft came out, it was the next greatest thing. everyone loved it. and anybody who was anybody was playing Minecraft. then, the years went by, and people got bored of Minecraft. they all say “I never played Minecraft! It was a dumb game!” when, really, they all played it and all wanted to be […]

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Band Of Brothers

Band Of Brothers is an HBO original TV show that tells the story of a World War II company, easy company. It shows just how terrible war is. How it is not just bad for the soldiers, but even worse for the ones caught in between the battling armies. It shows just how bloody war […]

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