Steven Universe Characters are Superheroes. By thegreatdiamondauthority, her blog is at

I believe that Steven U characters are superheroes. I know that they are aliens, but many superheroes are aliens. e.g, Thor. They are not humans, like Vision. But, they are really, really old. e.g. Captain America. They protect the world, have arch enemies; THE GREAT DIAMOND AUTHORITY; and people who don’t believe in what they […]

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Thanos is a bad guy that will play a major part in the movie avengers infinity war. He is supposed to be the main guy for all of The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, and Guardians Of The Galaxy. we don’t know much about him yet, but we should see more in Avengers, Infinity War.

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Steven Universe is bad for you. It is making your brain turn into a raisin. Watching TV is bad for you. Playing video games is also bad for you. It makes you stay inside for too long and your eyes become too accustomed to the bright light. It can mess with your eyes.

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Captain America’s bike was used in the Captain America movie, “The First Avenger”. one was stolen and the other was crashed at the end of the movie. Both were very cool and  were harley-Davidsons, a very nice kind of motorcycle.(I wish that they were Yamaha motorcycles.).

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Ant-Man is a man that is a criminal. He is in jail and when he gets out a man that is a scientist asks him to help him develop a suit that shrinks him. He becomes a superhero and saves his family. And when he is saving his family he has to fight another bad […]

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Deadpool is a marvel character that is enhanced and can never die because he has been experimented on by doctors because he had cancer. He survived and didn’t have cancer, but now he has a very bad looking face. he also sort of has the knowledge that he is fake, a character in a fake […]

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Marvel is a movie-making company. They usually make super-hero movies. they are the creators of Captain America,

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Phil Coulsen

Phil Coulsen is an agent of shield, a secret spy organization that takes care of all of the alien appearances over the last 50 years. they area super secret, basically, lots of high tech security. Phil is the head of shield, or was for a while. Then he stepped down to let someone else be […]

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Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch, or Wanda maxim-off, is a teenager that allowed herself to be experimented on to make her a superhero. She and her brother both allow themselves to be enhanced to superhuman levels. Her brother, Quicksilver, is killed in age of ultron. Wanda later goes on to be an avenger. She destroys ultron and is […]

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