River Combat

River Combat is a multiplayer tower defense game that involves cars, tanks, helicopters, planes, and boats in the game. You can take other bases and get higher in the game. You start off in an alliance and work your way to the top. You can go to different maps, different alliances, and meet other people. […]

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Delta Wars

Delta wars is a multiplayer tower defense game the mimics the vehicles of world war I and II. It is really all the same as mars battle and astro conquest, but is on land and on earth. It is my favorite of the three because I a fascinated by world war I and II. I […]

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Astro Conquest

Astro Conquest is a multiplayer game that involves taking over other peoples bases and using them for your own purposes. You start off with nothing and have to build up all of the resources that you need to build ships and conquer other people. You can work together to take down people and you can […]

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Mars Battle

Mars Battle is a multiplayer tower defense game that consists of different factions that work together to to defeat other factions. I personally play the game and think that it is really fun to play. You are on mars with a bunch of other people that are usually really weak and don’t know how to […]

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The Rain Is Killing Me!

I play baseball, and our opening day was just cancelled. We always have an opening day, and we still will. But, because we have sheltered areas, we will still have pictures. But, there will be no games or anything fun, like the last few years. Plus, it is going to rain for almost 3 days […]

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Deadpool 2

I know that there are a lot of people that are really excited about the Deadpool 2 trailer. But I am not really happy about it. I was never allowed to watch the first one and my parents think that this one will be even more inappropriate. But, it is a Marvel trailer, so I […]

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Finally, equipment!

We have started getting all of our really late camera equipment! Yes, it is really late, but still, we will have some of it. So far, we do not have all of the cameras, we have most of the cases and microphones, but, we still don’t have all of the cameras. We basically have all […]

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Marvel Trailers

So far there are many different marvel trailers for the movies that they are about to put out. So far, Black Panther is almost out, Avengers, Infinity War, is not out yet, and they have already put out trailers for the Deadpool 2 movie, and the Venom movie. Both of those movies look really exciting […]

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Black Panther

Marvels Black Panther is coming out in only a few days. The trailers are really good so far and I really can’t wait to see the movie in person. It is supposed to be a really good movie that I really want to watch the first week that it comes out. But, as always, my […]

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